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The Valentus Healthy functional beverages. we believe everyone deserves a chance to be healthy and fit. It is our commitment to help you get there! Are YOU Ready? If you’re ready to finally take control of your weight AND your health, NOW is the time to make it happen!

It has come to my attention that several people are experiencing problems since they've been using our Valentus drinks. I take this seriously so please know how sorry I am if you feel you were misled. You may be going through the following.

  1. You are having to spend $$ on a new wardrobe because of weight loss.
  2. Your house is cleaner, you play more with your kids and your workouts are better due to your increase in energy.
  3. You have had to throw out your alarm clock because you wake up naturally and are feeling refreshed every morning.
  4. You've lost your sweet relationship with chocolate and donuts. They no longer satisfy like they used to.
  5. Introverts are having to answer WAY too many questions about why they are looking so fabulous!
  6. You have an increase in bruising due to the fact that you are daily pinching yourself with excitement at how loose your clothes are getting.
  7. You are seeing less of your doctor who you love, because your immune system is growing stronger.
  8. Some of you are receiving a weekly paycheck because you are sharing these problems with others.

Again, I'm so sorry. But I hope your problems continue!